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two characters per episode [2/2]
↳ free: 1.04 - captive butterfly!

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Just a fanart… Yveltal and Lugia. Lines in SAI, editing and coloring in GIMP. I may post them later on DeviantArt.

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"At first, there were the Dark Dragon, the Falchion Sword… and the Fire Emblem.”

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Reblog this to enter for a chance to win a skin code from PAX. I currently have (one entry only) 

  • 2 Riot Blitz Codes
  • 2 Arctic Ops Varus Codes
  • 1 Arcade Hecarim Code
  • 1 Riot Ward Skin Code

THIS GIVEAWAY WILL END TONIGHT WHENEVER I GET HOME FROM PASSOVER DINNER (so I predict 9pm EST), I’ll announce the winners then. Codes will be first come first serve for the winners. Happy reblogging ;D 

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please tell me why i like her so much


please tell me why i like her so much

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I made the mistake of playing west coast and now I can’t find the post to turn this shit off.

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